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UFC 174
« on: June 05, 2014, 06:12:07 AM »
Hi Guys,

Throttlehead kindly invided me to contribute to this forum. So while I've been pretty slow to get things going so far, hopefully things will pick up soon and I'll be making more contributions.  You'll probably not see me in the main NHL/Oilers room much as I simply don't know too much about hockey not being from North America or Europe. However I love MMA, NBA, soccer and boxing. Don't mind NFL/MLB either so you'll probably see me here and on the other 'Other Sports' forums quite a bit.

That said, we've got a pretty interesting UFC event coming up soon headlined by Mighty Mouse - Demetrius Johnson vs Ali Baugatinov. Now I used to be kind of down on the little guys but Mighty Mouse has really impressed me of late - now remember that a year ago he beat John Dodson by coming up big in the championship rounds. This is the same Dodson who destroyed TJ Dillashaw - the same guy who just did all sorts of schooling smackdown style on the previous p4p #2 Renan Barao. Johnson also destroyed the highly regarded Joe Benavidez in 1 round not so long ago. I look for him to be too much for Baugatinov.

The co-main has also got me super interested. Rory Macdonald vs Tyron Woodley. I don't know who to pick there. Is it a 3 or 5 rounder? If its 3 then I pick TWood. If it's 5 then I've got Rory. Also curious to see how Arlovski does back in the UFC. Always thought he had serious skills but just lacked toughness and chin.


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Re: UFC 174
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2014, 05:48:04 PM »
Thanks for coming over Bargey, your input and takeover of those forums will be an excellent addition.

Bring your friends and enemies over to debate :)