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If you had a choice, who would it be?

Karlsson, Weber, Doughty,Keith, Subban,  other?

Do you agree with the Norris trophy winners over the last six years?

09-10 > Keith        ( Doughty, Green, Keith)
10-11 > Lidstrum  (Chara, Weber, Lidstrum)
11-12 > Karlsson   (Weber, Chara, Karlsson)
12-13 > Subban     (Letang, Suter, Subban)
13-14 > Keith         (Chara, Keith, Weber)
14-15 > Karlsson   (Dought, Subban, Karlsson)

There seems to be a lot of talk about this contract being too high, I really don't have a problem with it. It is obvious this kid has a lot of upside and he does only have 122 NHL game experience. I wished the Oilers would have locked him up for 5 years at 5 mil, but there is nothing wrong with letting him prove his worth next year. The same people who are not happy with this contract seemed pretty ok with Nikitin at 4.5 per year over 2 years, with the explanation of "paid a little too much but term is ok". ????

I predict Schultz has a great year,

Oilers Discussion / Re: Oilers 2013-2014 Autopsy
« on: July 09, 2014, 03:19:28 AM »
Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall is absolutely the best player in the Oilers organization, many nights the team goes as Hall goes. He has lightning speed going down the wing and is not afraid to go to the net with fierce conviction, he plays with grit and tenacity. I don't think anything can be blamed on Hall for the dismal season we just finished, I am hoping he doesn't get used to losing with the teams and management he has been presented with since getting drafted. He above all was a winner when we drafted him.

Hall has also learned or starting to learn when to pull up before getting creamed, his defensive game is coming as well. The deal Hall signed at 6 million will soon be the best deal in the NHL, it's already a deal for the Oilers. He should be our next captain, and very soon I might add.

We can only hope one day Taylor Hall will be holding the Stanley Cup as an Oiler.

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Put yourself in the GM chair / Re: New Assistant Coaches
« on: July 09, 2014, 02:02:09 AM »
Ramsay is going to be a huge help.

The real question is, how do we take Eakins keys away without making a big stink. Mr Sprinkles should be gone, he has no clue how to coach at NHL level and why dose have to wait for him to learn.

Put yourself in the GM chair / Re: Justin Schultz Contract
« on: July 09, 2014, 01:59:54 AM »
From all the crap with Petry and the over payment of Nikitin, I suppose they will sign Schultz at 5 million over 5 years. MacT said himself you can't be paying all your defensemen 4 million, "some have to be 1 million and some 7 million" whatever that means. Well MacT maybe don't pay guys like Ferrence, Nikitin that kind of money if not worth it.

Put yourself in the GM chair / Re: Trading Nail
« on: July 09, 2014, 01:54:57 AM »
Nail failed!

I had a chance to see  him live in the Subway series, it was VERY evident at the time that Nuchushkin was twice the player and a year younger. Yakupov is just never really in the play, his possession of the puck is limited at best, he does everything very quick but nothing brilliant. I have never liked that pick and I hope they put him on the first line, pump him up and trade him. He still plays Russian hockey when under pressure (passes the puck back instead of forward), he has no clue on position, can't move around to get his supposed awesome one timer off.

The good thing is he is still young, so lets hope he gets it together somewhat, if not big positive signs this year, skid him for whatever. We will ALWAYS have the worry of him bolting to the KHL if things get rough.

I second that Trez, I like Fayne and think he will do great. His contract looks good too.

Oilers Discussion / Re: Oilers sign Petry to one year deal
« on: July 09, 2014, 01:46:26 AM »
I have always thought Petry has got a rough deal by Oiler fans much the same as Tom Gilbert, Gilbert had a good year then the Oiler over paid him and put him in a role he was not ready for. They did the exact same thing with Penner, just because you pay a guy a lot of money, it doesn't instantly make him a better player. If they Play Petry as a second pair and actually let him play a little more offence, I think he would flourish. He was touted when drafted to be an offensive player and is a really nice skater, at some point in time in the Oiler asylum they turned him into the #1 shut down guy, he wasn't ready for that. It does not matter which partner he plays with, suddenly the stats go in the right direction for his partner. In other words, perry makes players better. He does have some brain freezes, but he is still a very inexperienced defenceman who appears to have good upside if played properly. His stat of give aways is somewhat misleading, he gets the most ice time plus he is generally the puck mover in the pairing. I can't believe they couldn't come to a 3 year deal with this guy, I bet this one bites them in the ass UNLESS they make a good trade with him right away.

There seems to be hype on Nikitin as the poster above mentioned, I'm not sure why, that signing could be ok, but it could also turn out to be a big stinker. I think Fayne is going to be an excellent signing, I suppose that why they think Petry is now moveable. Hey, why not buy players from other teams, when we are obviously inept of developing our own.

If Petry is traded, that leaves NO ONE from 2006 on, past the first round in the draft on our team. Lowed is the new Munson. Really really embarrassing Kevin!

Oilers Discussion / Re: Oilers select Draisaitl
« on: June 27, 2014, 06:06:45 PM »
I like the pick.

The only thing I hate about it is that the Flames got Bennet.

Oilers Discussion / Re: Canucks get Dorsett for 3rd round pick
« on: June 27, 2014, 06:05:33 PM »
I am not sure why we didn't go after this guy, it seems this might be a guy we could really use on our 3rd - 4th line.

I was thinking the same thing. The guy is a pain in the ass and hard to play against, he was also quite impressive in the playoffs. Dorsett seemed like exactly the kind of guy we should be going after, and a third round pick is squat to pay.

Oilers Discussion / Re: Oilers 2013-2014 Autopsy
« on: June 17, 2014, 03:45:10 AM »
Martin Marincin

Marincin was selected in the 2010 draft, he came to the CHL the very next year and had a very good first season for the WHL Cougars, he put up some really good offensive numbers. It was after his first WHL season that he played 1 game for the OKC Barons. The following season Marincin played for two different WHL teams being traded from the Cougars to the Pats, his offensive numbers dropped but his defensive side got stronger. It was after his second WHL season, Marinicin played another 6 games for the OKC Barons. It was in his third year in North America that Marincin started with the OKC Barons and played 86 games including playoffs, his game took another step but he still lacked the experience, muscle and build to move up to the NHL . In 2013-14 sea on Marincin played 24 games for the barons before being promoted to the Oilers, and he took full advantage of it.

Marincin was paired with Petry for most of his first season and they played pretty well together, they were a pretty reliable paring and with more maturity and experience, I believe the pairing will be excellent down the road. Marinicin needs  to add some weight to his frame and maybe a little grrr to his game. He has an excellent reach with a long stick, he can easily be a solid second pairing guy for years to come, we just have to wait while he gains the much needed experience. He seems to have overcome the experience of moving to a new country with different language etc.

I hope he is on our team for years to come, he is a part of a great young D core, arrows up for him.

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Oilers Discussion / Oilers 2013-2014 Autopsy
« on: June 14, 2014, 03:25:32 AM »
It has been another very painful year (maybe the most) finishing in the bottom three of the league, after high expectations at the start of the year. The team took a step backwards in the standings, even after some upgrades on the team, as well as the younger players are a year older in age and experience. The team and individual players took a step back in almost every metric and category.

Something we have heard over the past years, basically since Taylor Hall was drafted, “we don’t want that losing culture to set in” with the newly top drafted players. The Oilers are in large danger of adopting this trait right now. I would like to do player assessments, I hope you all join in.

Player Assessment (We will add  a new player to discuss each day).

Jeff Petry

Petry had year where he didn’t show a lot of progress but was still our #1 shutdown dman. When he was paired with Marincin, it seemed the pair played pretty well together but are still very green. Petry has a tendency to make silly mistakes that should be out of his game, but I believe with a little more time and a real D coach, he will be an excellent 2nd pair guy. It seems the fans are very hard on Petry, unfairly I believe, he was put in a position to fail and has not been developed properly not unlike the rest of our players, but in D years, he is still very young and inexperienced. He is an excellent skater, who moves the puck well, and is not afraid to use the body. Petry is not a mean nasty player, but not everyone is of that ilk, hopefully gets some more meanness to his game. I think with a little confidence, he would be very effective on second PP team and rushing the puck more, he should also shoot more, he has a very good shot in the mid 90’s. When we picked Petry in the draft, he was known for his offensive play, we have tried to change him to a shutdown D, maybe its time to give him the green light a bit more. I would like to point out that I said he didn’t show much progress this year, but no one really did. I think the we could have a very nice pairing in the future with Petry and Marincin. I would be happy with a 3-4 year contract at 3-3.5 million per.

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Next player assessment will be Martin Marincin

MMA - UFC / Re: Anyone watching FightNight 42?
« on: June 07, 2014, 10:52:30 PM »
That Sanchez fight was a robbery, he wasn't even close to winning.

Bendo came through in the end but the Russian was a hell of a fighter, he will be back and challenging I think.

Basketball - NBA / Re: Its Finals Time - Spurs vs Heat
« on: June 06, 2014, 05:52:56 PM »
Grrrr...the two teams I didn't want to see in the Finals. Was hoping to see OCT get through in the West, and the Pacers to pull off a miracle in the East. It was not to be and at the end of the day I can admit that these are clearly the two best sides in the league.

In saying that, I'm just not a fan of LeBron James. Don't ask me why - I think he's slightly overrated but that's not the whole thing. Something about him just rubs me wrong so I'm hoping the Zombie Spurs roll on to a 5th title. Looking for Tim to come up big again and looking for Leonard, Green, Diaw and Mills to give the big 3 the backup they'll need. I think the homecourt will be crucial and I look for the Spurs in 6.

Not a huge NBA fan, but I do watch the playoffs.

I can totally agree on the two teams in the finals, I wished it was two different teams. I am a fan of Lebron, I think he is the best player in the game, the way he handled going to Miami took the shine off him I think. Also, is there another guy who looks 40 years old when he is 20, that has always made me chuckle about Lebron. I hope the series goes 7, it always makes it more interesting and fun.

MMA - UFC / Re: UFC 174
« on: June 06, 2014, 05:48:04 PM »
Thanks for coming over Bargey, your input and takeover of those forums will be an excellent addition.

Bring your friends and enemies over to debate :)

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